The purpose of this WordPress is to collect and offer knowledge regarding aerospace engineering and computational science practices. While I’m usually quite chummy (in fact, unreasonably chummy), I’d like to keep this documentary professional. Time will tell how well I hold to that standard.

My name is Benjamin Jimenez and I enjoy learning, teaching, and exploring ideas within aerospace engineering and computational science. I am an ORISE scholar with the U.S. government.

I was recently a graduate student at the University of Maryland College Park. I completed my Master’s degree in aerospace engineering in 2013. My goal is to earn a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering. I love what I do and I treasured the graduate school experience. My classwork concentration focused on aerodynamics & propulsion with a minor concentration on rotorcraft. I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering in 2010 from Arizona State University. I studied aerospace engineering with a concentration on astronautics.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to know more about me, my writing style, or any adventures related to this wonderful WordPress blog.

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  1. Hey Peter, unfortunately, I haven’t played with this particular python issue in months. It was a particularly frustrating error but I’d like to try it on latest versions of Ubuntu (though I feel like tracking down this error will have more to do with Python than anything else).

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